Knack Magazine’s Superhero Issue Creativity is Superpower Enough

Superpower Enough

I’ve always had superpowers. It’s true. They have evolved, sure, but they have always been there. When I was three, I knew that I would grow up to be just like Wonder Woman (only I planned to have a Powerful Panda as my sidekick.) The day I got my official superhero underwear, Panda and I fought crime all over our little house. Once I even donned my grandfather’s old worn-out cowboy boots to complete my “ensemble.” When I got a little older, I figured out that Wonder Woman might not be in the Continue reading »realm of possibility, but I still believed that I could develop the powers of my mind to super-capacity: if I could just concentrate hard enough, I could make the toys put themselves away!

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I believe that arts, crafts, and a sense of humor are really all you need to stay happy and alive. I get a lot of satisfaction from teaching people how to make things. Creative knowledge needs to be shared, and I like to share it. Learn more about me here.

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