Knack 2 Superhero Documents Details

Superhero Documents, Knack 2

The Superhero Document Knack includes a fully customizable birthday party invitation with step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. As guest arrive help them create their own amazing crime fighting name with our a printable Superhero Name Creator.

Superhero Doc Thumbs 1

Invitation and Name Creator

Let your guests know they”ve graduated from your training pokie slots academy with our printable Superhero Certificate. Just print it, and fill it out!

Superhero Certificate

Superhero Certificate

We”ve also included amazing original artwork depicting 3 different monsters and 2 different villains. We”e also made coloring pages out of these images to give your party goers something to do when they arrive.

Villains and Monsters

And we can”t forget to mention the 6 Superhero actions words in the style of the old superhero comics and Original artwork for decorating the food table and 5 different sizes of POP labels for your drinks.

Action Words and POP! Labels

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