Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial

Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial

Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial

We party planners considered the fact that a Super Hero Training Academy just wouldn’t be authentic if it didn’t teach weapon training of some sort. But what parent in their right mind wants to throw a birthday party for a bunch of sugar-high five year olds wielding swords and nunchucks?

So we decided popping the bad guys with marshmallows would be relatively non-violent activity, though sufficiently aggressive to fill the superhuman need for target practice. And it worked: the homemade marshmallow shooters were possibly the most exciting part of the birthday party. The kids loved them – and they are SO easy and SO inexpensive to make! We made them with our own children before the birthday party, but the construction is easy enough that making them could be part of the party fun.

Need something to practice shooting? Download Superhero Documents, Knack 2 which includes Monsters, Villains, and Targets!


For this project you will need: Marshmallow Shooter Materials

1. 1″ PVC Pipe Couplings (we found ours at Lowe’s)
2. 12″ Balloons
3. Duct Tape (we like Duck Tape brand)
4. Scissors
5. Mini or Large Marshmallows

Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial Step 1

Step 1: Tie a knot in the end of a balloon.

Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial Step 2

Step 2: Trim the rounded end off the balloon, leaving the tied end with approximately 1.5 – 2 inches open.

Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial Step 3-1

Step 3: Stretch the tied end of the balloon over one end of the coupling.

Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial Step 3-2

Secure the balloon to the coupling with a piece of duct tape wrapped around the circumference of the pipe.

Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial

Step 4: Place a marshmallow inside the pipe. Pull back the tied end of the balloon and let it pop! Marshmallow Shooter Tutorial

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