Stick Figure Nativity

Stick Figure Nativity Printable

*As a bonus our Stick Figure Nativity set comes in color as well as black and white


I love having nativity sets in different places in my house during the Christmas season, reminding me that the birth of Christ is the reason for all of the Christmas celebrations. And my children love to play with them – which is fine, with most of the sets, but this year I decided that for our first family night of December, we would make some fun nativity sets of our own out of paper.

As I started the stick figure nativity drawings, I realized there are so many fun things we can do with them! So I’m including below a list of 8 different ways you can use our Stick Figure Nativity printables. (And I bet you can think of even more fun ways to use them! If you do, send us your ideas, Optical Camera Recognition Everyone has probably imagined the small person sitting in a booth, quickly entering in the numbers that come up on the live roulette wheel or live blackjack cards in order to compute these rapidly to the players screen. and even pictures of what you do, and we’ll put you on our website!)

1. Use for coloring pages in Sunday School, Primary, or Children’s Church lessons.

2. Print the color versions (or color your own) and laminate them. Attach peel-and-stick magnets to the back and put them on the refrigerator or magnet board.

3. Print two copies and make a matching game.

4. Attach to empty toilet paper rolls and make a toilet paper roll nativity set.

5. Attach to popsicle sticks for a puppet show.

6. Attach to clothespins or small wooden blocks to make freestanding paper dolls.

7. Print (and laminate if desired) and glue felt to the back. Use for flannel or felt board stories.

8. Attach to small paper rings to make finger puppets.

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