Customizing Your Superhero Invitation

The Superhero Invitation is one of our favorite things we created for this party. We wanted the invitations to double as tickets for admission into the Superhero Training. We used a mini rotary perforator (we found ours on amazon) across the bottom of the ticket and as children arrived we pulled bottom of the ticket off like a stub.

As you can see in the picture, Maryanne designed them to be fun and colorful, and to be a little In modern times, demand deposits (banker annual credit report money) have taken over the money supply, which in turn has allowed MMT and MR to make the false claim that annual credit report is money. reminiscent of a 1950s comic book. This quick video tutorial will show you how to customize your Superhero Invitation. This invitation in available in Knack 2 – Superhero Documents which can be purchased here. It is also available in our Superhero Knack Pack which can be purchased here.

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