Superhero Knack Pack Details

Superhero Knack Pack Details

The Superhero Knack Pack is all you”ll need to create an amazing birthday party for your child. This Knack Pack includes everything from the Superhero Attire Knack and the Superhero Documents Knack.

In this Knack Pack you find a customizable birthday party invitation with step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial.  The best part is that this invitation doubles as a ticket for admission into your Training Academy. These invitations were designed to be fun and colorful, and a little reminiscent of a 1950s comic book.

Once your guest arrive our printable Superhero Name Creator will help your budding crime fighters create their own amazing name.

Superhero Doc Thumbs 1

Invitation and Name Creator


Cape Pattern and Instructions



Our step-by-step mask and cape patterns and instructions are so simple and easy to use you”ll be able to make enough capes and masks for each little guest.

Want to go the extra mile? Use our fully illustrated step-by-step patterns to personalize your capes. These include 26 different alphabet shields and 12 different superhero symbols including a bat, butterfly, crown, digger, dragon, hammer, high heel, light bulb, pencil, POW!, “Staff”, triangle man.




Superhero Thumb 2

Shield and Hammer Patterns

Superhero Certificate







Let your new crime fighter know they”ve graduated from training academy with our printable Superhero Certificate.






It also includes original artwork depicting 2 different villains and 3 different monsters. As well as these same 5 images as coloring pages.

Villains and Monsters

Our 6 Superhero actions words (in the style of the old superhero comic) are perfect for decorating your Superhero party. And the 5 different sizes of POP labels for your drinks add that little extra touch.

Action Words and POP Labels

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