Superhero Mask Tutorial

Superhero Mask Tutorial

Superhero Mask Tutorial

We designed our superhero mask to be durable and fun, without compromising a comfortable fit. Because we wanted each party guest to have a variety of choices, we created four different superhero mask designs. We made a few of each design in our various party colors – red, yellow, and blue.

Attaching the elastic to the superhero mask proved to be the trickiest element
of the design. After some trial and error we found a simple way to keep the elastic in place without pulling through the foam (and still comfortable against the skin). To do this we used one of our favorite craft tools – the hot glue gun. The following tutorial will show you how use our patterns (found here) to make a superhero mask for your child.



For this project you will need: Superhero Mask Materials

1. Mask Patterns
2. Foam Sheets
3. Scissors
4. X-Acto knife and Cutting Mat (optional)
5. ⅛” Hole Punch (we used a Crop-A-Dile but you can also find ⅛” hole punches in the scrapbook section of the craft store)
6. Glue gun and Glue Sticks
7. Round Cord Elastic
8. Fine Point Sharpie or Ball Point Pen

Superhero Mask Step 1

Step 1:
Choose the mask pattern(s) you want to make and cut the pattern(s) out. Once they have been cut out, use the ⅛” hole punch to punch holes at the indicated place.

Superhero Mask Step 2

Step 2:
With your pen trace the mask pattern onto a foam sheet. Make sure to mark your punch marks on the foam also. Tip: If you are using foam with a right side and a wrong side (like glitter foam) make sure to trace the mask pattern on the wrong (non glittery) side so that your pen marks won’t show
on the finished mask.

Superhero Mask Step 3

Step 3:
Cut out the masks.
Tip: You can use scissors, but a craft blade (like an X-Acto knife) will make cleaner lines.

Superhero Mask Tutorial Step 4Step 4:
Punch Holes in the masks at the indicated spot. The photo shows a Crop-A-Dile, but
you can use any ⅛” hole punch.

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Step 5:
Thread the round elastic through one of the holes from the back of the mask to front.
Pull the elastic through, leaving about 1” to 1.5” to tie a large knot in the elastic. (The knot should be on the front of the mask.) The knot should be just large enough not to pull through the hole.

Superhero Mask Tutorial Step 6-1

Step 6:
Measure the elastic on your child leaving an extra 1” to 1.5” for a knot on the other

Superhero Mask Tutorial Step 6-2

Cut and thread the elastic through the other hole (back to front) and tie a
large knot in the elastic.

Superhero Mask Tutorial Step 7-1

Step 7:
Make sure the knots in your elastic are pulled against (but not through) the punch

Superhero Mask Tutorial Step 7-2

Then flip the mask over and place a dab of hot glue on the punch holes inside
the mask. This will keep the knots from slipping through the holes and keep the
elastic from tearing through the sides of the foam.

Superhero Mask Tutorial Step 8

Step 8:
Clip the excess elastic from the front of the mask and you’re done.

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