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Knackmag.com Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

This superhero party was almost as much fun for us to plan as it was for the kids to enjoy. It all came together when we came up with the idea of making the party a Superhero Training Academy.

We decided the invitations would double as tickets for admission into the Superhero Training. We used a mini rotary perforator (we found ours on amazon) across the bottom of the ticket and as children arrived we pulled bottom of the ticket off like a stub.

As you can see in the picture, Maryanne designed them to be fun and colorful, and to be a little reminiscent of a 1950s comic book. That comic book theme would show up again in our decorations for the table and the food. Customizable invitation available here.

Knackmag.com Superhero Capes


Knackmag.com Superhero Name CreatorOne of the very first things the children did when they got to the party was choose an identity. This started by selecting a cape and a mask (all of our colors were in a gender-neutral primary palette, since we had boys and girls at the party.) After donning their attire (patterns available here), the children sat down with our Superhero Name Creator and had a blast choosing the perfect superhero name. They were each given a sticky “Hello, my name is…” badge to wear, informing everyone of their new name for the duration of the party. (They thought their name badges were as awesome as the capes and masks!)

We next went to the obstacle training course (we were lucky to have a playground in Maryanne’s back yard, but of course you could invent just about any kind of course in your own back yard with a few simple items – hoops to jump through, balloons to punch, etc.)  During their run on the obstacle course, the heroes in training had to defeat two villains and three aliens – amazing original designs, once again by Maryanne! We taped their pictures to balloons and hung the monsters from poles for the kids to punch and dodge along the way.

Target practice came  next, and with the simple homemade marshmallow shooters that Lis designed, the kids had LOADS of fun popping the targets with marshmallows. As many landed in their mouths and on each other as made it to the targets, but it was great fun.

knackmag.com Marshmallow Shooters

Then it was time for snacks and birthday cake. With the comic book exclamations of CRUNCH! beside our chips and POP! beside the small cans of soda, the kids enjoyed their Superdogs and superhero birthday cake.

knackmag.com Superhero Table






To end their experience at the Superhero Training Academy, each child was rewarded with an official certificate of completion, signed by the Superpower Supervisor herself, and proclaiming their new superhero name. Along with the certificate, they received a little goody bag, and hopefully a great memory of the day they became a real superhero!

Knackmag.com Superhero Birthday Party

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