Superpower Enough Creativity is Superpower Enough

I”ve always had superpowers. It’s true. They have evolved, sure, but they have always been there. When I was three, I knew that I would grow up to be just like Wonder Woman (only I planned to have a Powerful Panda as my sidekick.) The day I got my official superhero underwear, Panda and I fought crime all over our little house. Once I even donned my grandfather’s old worn-out cowboy boots to complete my “ensemble.” When I got a little older, I figured out that Wonder Woman might not be in the realm of possibility, but I still believed that I could develop the powers of my mind to super-capacity: if I could just concentrate hard enough, I could make the toys put themselves away! Fast-forward a few, ahem, years and I’m a mother of four children under the age of 10. I’ll be darned if I don’t need my superpowers several times a day. All of you moms out there know what I’m talking about. Creativity is Superpower Enough

As my two close friends, Lis and Maryanne, and I conceived the idea for Knack magazine, we figured we’d need to rely on some of those superpowers to get it off the ground and flying into cyberspace. We wanted a place to share about the things we have a knack for – the things we love to learn about and create and share. We knew we had some fun and informative ideas, if we could only get them dressed up and ready to go. We just needed to know where to start.

And then, fortuitous enough for us, Maryanne’s little boy Jack was turning 4. Throwing him his first superhero birthday party turned into our first issue of Knack magazine. The first business meetings themselves were like flashes of inspiration for us as we discussed the Superhero Training Academy and the monster fighting obstacle course. But in all our talk about the POW! of a homemade marshmallow gun and the thrill of creating your own superhero name, we realized that we were using our own imaginations as much as we’d be encouraging our kids to use theirs! Imaginations are wonderful things, and we’re looking to share more of ours with you in the coming issues of Knack. There will be issues about all kinds of hobbies and skills from knitting to painting, issues about literature and the arts, and even some issues about holidays and food.

We hope that you look forward to reading about all the things we kinda have a knack for, and that our articles, how-to’s, and tutorials are simple and easy to follow. (We don’t want you to feel like you have to have superpowers to try out all of our zany fun ideas.) Because when it comes down to it, these aren’t superpowers at all, just a bunch of grown up girls who think imagination and creativity is superpower enough.

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