Top 5 Easy Homemade Holiday Gifts

Homemade Christmas Treats

The Virtues of Homemade Christmas Gifts

There are lots of reasons why it’s great to give homemade Christmas gifts – but chances are, if you’re reading this, then one of the most important (or should we say, impending) reasons for giving homemade gifts is because the holidays are right around the corner and you just haven’t found the right gifts for some important people.

In our homes, Lis and Maryanne and I enjoy giving homemade gifts because it’s a way to give a part of ourselves to our family and close friends.

We share our talents – and tailor our gifts to the needs and wants of our loved ones – to give them something meaningful and original at Christmas time.

So here are our top 5 favorite simple homemade holiday gifts, easily customized to meet your own talents, abilities, and desires. We hope you enjoy making them – and making them your own! (And as always, send us your pictures and ideas based on ours – we love hearing from you!)

Top 5 Easy Homemade Holiday Gifts

1. Stick Figure Nativity Printables

2. Homemade Christmas Treats and Wrapping

3. Hand-knit Cowl

4. Felt Ornaments

5. Tailored-to-fit Maxi Skirt

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