Top 10 HolidayTreat Wrapping Ideas

Holiday Treat Wrapping IdeasI love the holidays, and especially the food and goodies associated with them!

My kids love to help, and we love to share our favorite treats with our family and friends. But, of course what to make is only half the fun, we also love coming up with fun ways to wrap our goodies.

Below is a list of the top 10 most versatile things I like to have at my house during the holidays to wrap up holiday treats for sharing.

I know I can put together any combination of these things and I’ll have a cute, easy, homemade gift. And you may want to add tags with a short message, as well. I usually throw those together with whatever I have lying around in my office, because a personalized tag makes the gift of goodies just a little more special, I think.

Top 10 Most Versatile Things to Wrap Holiday Treats

1. Parchment Paper

2. Cellophane bags or rolls of cellophane

3. Butcher paper

4. Raffia

5. Paper boxes, store-bought or homemade

6. Mason jars

7. Fabric scraps

8. Ribbon

9. Brown and white paper lunch sacks

10. Coffee filters

Here are a few examples of different combinations we’ve come up with:


Small Treat Box We Used:
–Small Candies
–Cupcake Wrapper
–Paper Box w/ Ribbon**This box was made from our free downloadable box template.
sugared cranberries in a jar We Used:
–Sugared Cranberries
–Jelly Jar
Cookies wrapped in cellophane We Used:
–Coffee Filters
Homemade Tag
Brown Bag with Tag and Ribbon We used:
–Brown Paper Sack
Homemade Tag
Peppermint Bark in Parchment Paper We used:
–Parchment Paper

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